How to relieve dry, itchy skin with bath oil

Are you struggling to get your bath oils?

You may no longer be able to get bath oils for your itchy, dry skin conditions from your GP but don’t worry, you can still effectively manage your dry skin with products that you can purchase from your local pharmacy.

The itch-scratch cycle

Itching is a distressing symptom of dry skin conditions and can result in an itchscratch cycle which is hard to break. Scratching leads to the release of histamine, a chemical in the body which makes the itching worse. Persistent itching can cause skin damage allowing irritants, allergens and bacteria to enter the skin. Using a bath additive like Balneum Plus Bath Additive which rapidly relieves symptoms associated with dry itchy skin, can help to break the cycle.

How to soothe and relieve dry skin

  • Bathing with a bath oil can moisturise skin and relieve itching, helping to manage flare ups
  • Avoid soap and bubble baths. Some can be drying, and can irritate symptoms further
  • Consider using a cleansing oil-based bath additive like Balneum Plus, removes the need for soap
  • Bathe or shower in lukewarm water for five to 10 minutes to help your skin better absorb and retain moisture

Balneum Plus Bath Oil

  • Rapidly relieves symptoms associated with dry, itchy skin conditions, whilst cleansing skin removing the need for soap
  • Active ingredients include Lauromacrogols which provide rapid relief of itching and soya oil which act as an emollient (moisturiser) to soothe and soften dry skin by replacing lost oils

Balneum Bath Oil

  • If your skin isn’t itchy, but feels dry try Balneum Bath Oil
  • It contains soya oil an emollient (moisturiser) which leaves a thin protective film on your skin helping to soothe and softens dry skin by helping to replace lost oils

Please note products containing soya oil should not be used by those with allergies to soya or peanut. Always read the label.

Balneum Medicinal Bath Oils can be purchased online at Amazon

Balneum Plus is a bath oil which has emollient and local anaesthetic properties to provide relief of pruritus. It is recommended for the treatment of dry skin conditions including those associated with dermatitis and eczema where severe pruritus is also experienced.

Balneum Bath Additive is a bath additive that contains soya oil and is used for the treatment of dry skin disorders such as eczema and dermatitis.

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