Are GP surgeries getting greener? 

The world’s healthcare system is responsible for four to five percent of global greenhouse gases. Although it doesn’t sound like a lot, that’s about 1.4 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide - shocked? Thought so! But, GP surgeries are doing their bit to reduce their impact, here’s how...

There are around 6,822 GP surgeries across the UK and they all have a part to play in the number of greenhouse gases emitted by non-clinical healthcare services. From how the doctors get to work to what energy sources a GP uses, non-clinical greenhouse gas emissions account for about 40% of the emissions from primary care. 

These emissions come from everything that isn’t to do with administering medicine (that’s another kettle of fish!). Whether it’s wasting paper, not switching off things at the plug, or delivering equipment overseas, this stuff has a lot to answer for when it comes to global warming.