How can I stay healthy on a vegan diet?

Veganism is second nature to so many of us now but sometimes cutting certain food groups can wreak havoc on our health. In preparation for World Vegan Month in November, we want to make sure your vegan diet is as nourishing as possible. Here is our advice for staying healthy, balanced and vegan. 

A recent study showed that 79 million people across the globe are vegan, that’s almost 10% of the entire population! There are lots of reasons why people choose veganism including their dedication to bettering animal welfare and helping the planet or simply to follow a better diet.

We are not denying that following a largely plant-based diet can work wonders for your body but neglecting vitamin-rich foods can sometimes mean veganism isn’t as nutritional as you first thought. That’s why it’s so important to know which vegan foods help our bodies to function in the same way that meat, fish and dairy products do.