How to: Stay healthy in a heatwave

It’s well and truly heatwave season here in the UK. Whether you're revelling in the sun or can’t wait for temperatures to cool down, there’s no doubt you're wondering what a heat health warning is. 

The Met Office issued an extreme weather warning for the first time in some areas of the UK on Monday. The amber warning, which warns people of the potential health effects of extreme heat, was introduced after all four UK nations recorded the hottest day of the year over the weekend. It will stay in place until Friday.

This week, because the sun is out, everyone is more at risk of dehydration, overheating, heat exhaustion and heatstroke. 

Although it’s lovely to see the sun, things have really been hotting up here in the UK over recent years. As a result of climate change, we are more likely than ever to see prolonged periods of hot weather. To help us stay safe, The Met Office launched a new-style extreme heat warning at the start of June.

The measures were put in place to reduce the number of heat-related deaths in the UK. In 2020, 2,256 excess deaths caused by hot weather were reported across the country - the highest amount since records began. 

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are two potentially deadly heat-related illnesses that are easily preventable. To protect you today and in future heat waves, we’ve put together our top tips to stay safe in the sun: