Movement & Chats with Cas throughout January!

Movement & Chats with Cas - our new weekly 30-minute session designed to get you moving and smiling danceyertitsoff-style throughout January!

If you don't already know of @danceyertitsoff on Instagram, stop reading and get following Cas right this second. Then come back, sign up for TH+ membership and bookmark our events page so that you never miss a hip-shaking session.

Movement & Chats with Cas sessions will start with a 15-minute chit-chat followed by 15 minutes of movement and uplifting music. These sessions are all about feeling good, like you should! The session is for ALL abilities and disabilities; even if you can’t stand, you can still join in sitting down.

So, make sure that you’re signed up for a TH+ membership, get decked out in disco gear - oh, and of course Cas’ signature red lip – and let’s get moving.