Does exercise help IBS symptoms?

Movement is vital to a healthy lifestyle but when you are going through a flare-up the last thing you want to do is jump into gym leggings. But, what if exercise could be the answer to soothing your symptoms? 

Studies show that increased physical activity can be beneficial for bettering the symptoms of IBS. Of course, adding in some extra stretching isn’t going to cure your bowel issues but the muscle contractions, endorphins and stress relief that are part and parcel of exercising can help to keep things moving. 

That said, irritable bowel syndrome is a long-term condition that you need to keep an eye on. So, choosing to go for a run in the middle of a flare-up isn’t the best thing to do. But, introducing sustained and enjoyable exercise into your routine is thought to reduce the number of flares that you get and help you through them when they come.