talkhealth meets... Nevşah Fidan Karamehmet

Nevşah Fidan Karamehmet is the founder of Nevşah institute, a wellness and health optimisation platform focused on breathwork. She has over twenty years experience in the field of Behavioral Health and Breathing Sciences and has cultivated her 36 month curriculum via personal experience.

In her Expert Interview, she tells all about why breathwork is so important, why she set out on the journey to better wellness, and more….

You are dedicated to helping others to boost their self-mastery, why did you come to focus on this? 

I have been interested in self mastery ever since childhood. As a child and teenager, I used to think of ways to master all areas of life. I truly wanted to grow and expand in all areas, so I went on a search. I have met over 200 teachers from all around the world and summarised the methods they are teaching  to create a curriculum, first for myself and then for all women who want to master all areas of life. 

Why is breathwork and meditation so good for our wellness? 

Because they both increase the oxygen levels in our tissues and cells and help us connect with the deeper meaning of life.

What is the most fulfilling/interesting thing you have realised/learned through practising breathwork and meditation? 

I think the most fulfilling thing was to fully understand myself. I am able to deeply connect with who I am beyond the physical reality, my ultimate self and my mission. I think finding one's mission in life and creating a business around it is the most fulfilling thing that can ever happen.

These practices have become increasingly popular due to the rise of wellness, why do you think this has happened? 

Because people are in pain. They lost their connection with themselves, their truth and got lost in the material world. We are yearning to go back to the source, our essence, our truth and get well, that’s why.

You work under five pillars (breath, mind, purpose, strategy, meditation), why is the combination of all of these so important? 

These are the five main pillars of self mastery. I have tried almost all methods available and came up with these systems. Through these 5 pillars and the educational journeys I offer to my students, we are getting results. We see real life changes.

What would you say to someone who is wary of meditation? 

They do not have a good teacher.

How can people easily incorporate your practices into their daily lives? 

With a master teacher. Self mastery is almost impossible if you don’t have a real teacher.

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