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Alternative medicines have become increasingly popular over the last decade, with google searches in the UK peaking at over 11 million. To fill you in on the power of alternative medicine for the management of chronic conditions, we have drafted in expert Noah Goldhirsh to share her expertise.

Goldhirsh has been a senior lecturer, therapist and developer of healing methods in alternative methods for over 30 years. Ahead of her Expert Interview, we asked her some icebreakers...

You have been specialising in Healing methods in Alternative Medicine for 33 years, tell me more about how you came to focus on this area of health.

As a young woman I saw people suffering from various diseases and I felt a deep need to help them feel better and heal. I started focusing on natural healing methods because I wanted to help everyone to be able to use the wonderful powers of nature that are all around us.

One of the remedies that you focus on is bach flower. Taking it back to basics, what is this?

Bach Flower Remedies are made from flower extracts and can help people of all ages deal with emotional and physical problem, to feel better and be healthier mentally and physically.

Bach flower has been used a remedy since the 30s, with further evidence of its benefits highlighted in the 90s. Throughout your career, have you witnessed the popularity of back flower fluctuate? Why?

Throughout my career I saw the popularity of Bach Flower Remedies increase in situations where people faced a problematic period such as COVID-19 and felt the need for help to balance themselves and their family members in a natural way without side effects and without the danger of overdose.

In your book, you focus on using the remedy for children - why was this an important area for you to focus on? 

It was very important for me to focus on treating children with the help of Bach Flower Remedies because children today are facing problems and challenges that did not exist before, and they need our help. Children are the future of humanity, and when we help them grow and develop in the best way, we improve their future and the future of our whole world.

What are your top three uses of back flower remedies? 

My three main uses of Bach Flower Remedies are to help children deal with various fears, learning difficulties, and changes in their lives.

How have alternative medicines developed throughout your career?

At the beginning of my career in Alternative Medicine many people thought that the practice of natural medicine was nonsense. Happily, today there is recognition of the helpful and healing abilities of natural methods and a wider awareness of the deep needs of each person.

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