Skin camouflage for rosacea

Symptoms of rosacea include facial redness, noticeable blood vessels and sometimes dry, rough skin. These symptoms can cause emotional distress and decreased self-confidence for those living with the condition. If you have such feelings and they are affecting your day to day quality of life, make an appointment to speak with your GP or other health care professional who will be able to advise you.

There are self-help measures such as skin-camouflage which can help to tone down facial redness and other skin problems. The act of skin camouflage tends to go beyond the use of traditional cosmetics as often people with a skin condition such as rosacea are unable to use traditional make-up, which for others is a natural alternative to enhancing their appearance.

Camouflage creams and powders can greatly improve the appearance of marks, scars and skin discolouration. It cannot however be used on broken or irritated skin. If applied correctly, camouflage products are waterproof and can be worn over make up if desired. They also contain sun screening properties, although it is advisable to also apply sun protection in addition. Camouflage make up generally stays in place for 8-16 hours before needing to reapply.

When exploring camouflage make up, colour matching and skin tones are looked at in detail to decide which colours (light or dark) will best suit your skin. Skin tones are made up from either cool (pink tones), warm (yellow tones) or both. Colour correctors help balance and neutralise any tonal imperfections, usually through the use of green or yellow products. It is important to get the balance right to try and counteract the redness or rosacea symptoms; as if the wrong colours or tones are used it can make the skin look grey/ashen.

The charity Changing Faces offers a free service to support the use of skin camouflage. During the service they explain about the colour matching process and will write a prescription for the products used. This prescription can then be taken to your GP and allows you to gain access to these products at a reduced cost (the price of a normal prescription). Changing Faces welcomes donations but does not charge a fee for the camouflage make up service. During the session they will discuss how to apply and remove the cream and discuss personal treatment options. The charity workers are trained in this area and understand both physical and emotional aspects associated with skin conditions. Skin camouflage may be useful as a complete, partial or temporary treatment.

Speak with your GP or other health care professional before embarking on a new skin care regime to ensure your rosacea symptoms will not be affected further.

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