TH+ Expert Webinar with Professor Ama Johal: Snoring, sleep apnoea and dental health

The last thing you expect your Dentist to ask you is ‘do you snore’, right?

Wrong, your dentist is in the perfect position to ask you about snoring and sleep apnoea. Whether you’re losing out on your sleep - or your partner is! - your jaw position could be playing a very detrimental role in how much sleep we get each night.

Over 15 million people snore in the UK, this happens when air flows past the relaxed tissues in your throat, making them vibrate as you sleep. Snoring is caused by nasal obstructions, sleep positions, being overweight and other hereditary factors.

Sometimes though, chronic loud snoring can be a sign of a more serious condition: sleep apnoea. The sleep disorder causes the tissues in the throat and nose to relax so much that they block breathing airways and prevent a person from breathing for 10 seconds or more. Thus, the snoring noise made by people with sleep apnoea will be punctuated by silence - this is when you know something’s up!

How do you know if you’re a simple snorer or if your nightly orchestra is a sign of something more serious? In this webinar, Professor Ama Johal shares his knowledge on the connection between sleep conditions and our canines.

As a Professor of Orthodontics with a dedicated interest in dental sleep medicine, Ama is highly regarded in both sleep and dental expert fields. Ama also works as a Consultant Orthodontist, providing his patients with sleep solutions from hi-tech snoring mouthguards to surgery.