Quickfire questions with Laura Rose-Wilkins

Laura Rose-Wilkins is a fully qualified and accredited Life Coach who has dedicated her career to encouraging people to reframe the way they think about snacking. Through her online course Snackless, she arms people with the tools they need to snack more healthily and break free from challenging food habits. 

In her webinar, she tells her story and why she founded Snackless, before exploring techniques for managing food relationships, planning meals healthily, and more. Ahead of her webinar, we asked Laura to answer our quickfire questions...


Tell me more about yourself, how did you come to find SnackLess?

I am a fully qualified life coach, passionate about helping busy people snack less. When I started coaching it became apparent that all my clients wanted to pursue healthy lifestyles, with the majority wanting to lose some weight. I created a one-to-one health programme which had fantastic long-lasting results because it focussed on behaviour change, not short term dieting. Snackless is an online, easy to follow, low cost version of this programme focussing specifically on snacking.

People have varying relationships with food, how can they approach snacking more healthily?

Firstly, by taking time to understand their relationship with food before trying to make changes. In a practical sense this means food journaling. Secondly, by not trying to make all changes (i.e. eat perfectly) at once. When it comes to long term behaviour change, make one tweak to your diet, embed it, make the next tweak, embed it etc.

On to your programme, tell me a little more about it?

It’s a 30 day online behavioural change programme where you learn how to break your current snacking habits. All you have to do each day is write down what you eat and listen to coaching session. It’s made for busy people, so no coaching session lasts longer than 7 minutes and you can listen anytime of day that suits you.

Are you helping people to lose weight or simply review their relationship with food? How?

You can’t maintain weight loss without improving your relationship with food. Understanding your relationship with food has to come first and during the first 16 days of the programme, people won’t be changing what they’re eating at all. Therefore although many people will lose weight by the end of the 30 days, the point of the programme is to improve people’s discipline around food so that they can go on to eat less permanently. It’s achieved via 4 steps which we outline in the webinar and/or can be downloaded I the free PDF from snacklessnow.com.   

What are your top two tips for snacking less?

- Plan what you’re going to snack on in advance so you set an expectation of what’s acceptable to be eating and how much
- When you have the urge to eat more than planned, distract yourself so you stop thinking about the food entirely

Do you think perceptions around food and snacking have changed since you developed your programme/have been working? 

Knowledge around what constitutes ‘healthy’ food has certainly increased thanks to government initiatives and a growing wellness industry. However knowledge is not enough. We need to be taught practical skills to actually achieve discipline around food. The medical profession is still heavily focussed on treatment for ‘lifestyle diseases’ rather than prevention.  

If you were able to tell your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Investment in healthy habits will make your ability to achieve ANY goal easier!

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