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Support for those experiencing difficulties in conceiving

Many find it difficult to share such a personal issue with friends and family as often infertility is not understood and recognised as an illness and those from different religious and ethnic backgrounds often face specific challenges and problems when dealing with their difficulties in conceiving. In 2011 Infertility Network UK was awarded a grant by the Department of Health to improve infertility support services through the recruitment and training of volunteers. This has been successful but in order to provide support for those facing these specific religious and cultural challenges as well as for all those affected by difficulties in conceiving we need more volunteers from black and minority ethnic communities. We want to let people know that there is support available, on line or at the end of the telephone, from people who understand.

Infertility Network UK (I N UK) is the national charity set up to provide information, advice and support to anyone who finds they have a fertility problem. The information and advice we provide covers the whole infertility journey, from the moment someone first discovers they have a problem to the eventual outcome. For those who have a successful outcome through treatment or alternative parenting options such as adoption we provide support through our ACeBabes network and for those who are sadly unsuccessful and are involuntarily childless through our More to Life network.

Here is some information on our charity and the services we provide …

Our website has up to date, accurate information on the causes of infertility, the various types of treatment which are available, how to access funding for NHS treatment and also provides links to other specialist support organisations. All our services are free including access to our on line forums and factsheets which are free to download and cover every aspect of infertility.

However, Infertility Network UK is much more than just a website! People can also access our professional advice line run by a trained fertility nurse as well as the opportunity to speak to our team of volunteers who have all experienced infertility and can offer a sympathetic ear to others who are finding it difficult to conceive.

Many patients find that they are unable to access NHS funded treatment and Infertility Network co-chairs Fertility Fairness (previously the National Infertility Awareness Campaign) which has campaigned for over 20 years for people to have comprehensive and equal access to a full range of appropriate NHS investigations and treatments for infertility; this includes the right to access up to three full cycles of IVF treatment free on the NHS. Check out the new website at where we offer up to date information on the provision of NHS funding across the whole of the UK with advice on how patients can lobby for funding.

Those who successfully have their family following infertility also need support and with ACeBabes we can now provide information, support and advice to the growing number of people who have their much longed for family after fertility issues, whether they become a family following pregnancy, surrogacy or adoption & fostering. At ACeBabes we recognise that the journey to parenthood has not been simple, that children who have arrived by a more difficult route are even more precious. ACeBabes provides a safe place to share the realities of parenting; social networking where everyone understands.

Sadly, many couples will find that they are unable to have the family they so much want and through our More to Life Network, we provide support to all those who find they have to move on and face the challenges of a life without children. We are the only charity to offer those facing involuntary childlessness support and a way to interact with others who understand through More To Life, support where no one judges or makes assumptions about their childlessness.

The impact of infertility is not always understood by those who have not experienced it but we know only too well the effect it has on people’s lives. If you need support or know someone who does, suggest they contact us. And please get in touch if you are interested in volunteering for the charity and helping others.
For more information on the services which we can offer and volunteering opportunities please visit our website at, email us at or call 0800 008 7464.

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