talkhealth meets...Dafina, #checkMEup campaigner

talkhealth meets Dafina: #checkMEup - the campaign for yearly women’s health checkups

When: Tuesday 8 December, 8pm

Where: Facebook Live


Early cancer diagnosis is the most important factor in fighting cancer, and yet we know that many women with gynaecological cancers are diagnosed too late. That means that huge numbers of us are having our reproductive organs removed early, undergoing really gruelling treatments and for some, losing our lives.

Dafina was diagnosed with stage 2 womb cancer at just 35. To save her life, she had to have a total hysterectomy - meaning that she was plunged into surgical menopause and robbed of the chance to have her own children.

She’s now campaigning for women to be offered yearly checkups that go beyond the smear test. While smears check for cervical cancer (which is largely responsible for having 3,000 women diagnosed every year), it doesn’t necessarily pick up on signs of other gynaecological cancers such as:

  • womb (9,300 women are diagnosed per year)
  • ovarian (7,300 women)
  • vulval (1,300)
  • vaginal cancer (240)

Join us on Facebook to hear Dafina’s story and to learn more about her campaign, #checkMEup. 

If you’d like to sign the petition prior to the event – you can do so here.

Bring any questions you have on gynaecological cancers and how to advocate for your health. As always, if you don’t fancy asking yourself, simply email us ( and we’ll ask it on your behalf.

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