Survey on:

Itching in atopic dermatitis

Survey ends: 7 December 2020

Atopic dermatitis (AD / eczema) is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin affecting approximately 3% of adult population in the UK.   Living with AD can significantly impact the quality of your life, both physically and emotionally.  At talkhealth, we have been asked by a pharmaceutical company to research and understand how itching affects the quality of your daily life both physically and emotionally if you have moderate/severe AD.  The survey offers the opportunity to really express what matters most to you, so we can fully understand the issues.

The survey will close on 7th December 2020.  After this date, 20 participants who have completed the survey in full, will be selected at random to win a £20 Amazon voucher but that's not all! We're also looking to chat with 10 people to get a more in-depth understanding of your AD.  Phone interviews will last between 30 to 50 minutes, and you'll receive £45 as a thank you for your participation.  There's an opportunity within the survey to register your interest in being interviewed.

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