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Are you a smoker or an ex-smoker?

Survey ends: 30 November 2023

This is an invitation from a research team from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) to participate in the development of a smoking cessation app.

The app should be designed to provide target intervention based on individual needs by understanding the smoking behaviour of each participant. And to do that, an AI algorithm will be used to send personalized target interventions for smokers at the most needed times; to avoid moments of vulnerability that may lead to relapse. Therefore, in order to develop a better app, your participation will play an essential role that will help to refine and understand the required functionality and tools to provide the best support to smokers during quit smoking journey,

We are recruiting participants who are either current smokers or ex-smokers, you will be asked to provide valuable input and feedback during the app development process. At the start, you will be asked to attend 4 online group meetings.  

Benefits of Participation:

As part of the team, you will get the chance to help in the development of a smoking cessation mobile app that will hopefully impact the life of many smokers that wish to quit smoking, on the other hand, you will also gain compensation for your contribution, the payment is £20 per meeting which will be £80 in total for the 4 meetings – anticipated between Sept-Nov 2023.

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