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With 31% of all adults now experiencing an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives, and a staggering 400 million people worldwide now suffering from some type of anxiety condition - we need your help to further improve our understanding of how we can best help people with anxiety and make further progress towards reducing the negative affects of anxiety for sufferers all over the world.

We're looking for 120 people to trial the Resony app for 6 weeks and share their thoughts... for those who complete the trial in full, we're offering five trialists a £20 voucher of their choice!

Resony is your personal guide to reduce stress and anxiety through breathing and relaxation sessions. Research-backed and simple to learn techniques of resonance breathing (coherence training), progressive muscle relaxation, gratitude journaling and mindfulness sessions are available to help you manage stress and anxiety and build resilience.

Resony uses an integrated approach, working with mind and body, to build resilience in a faster and sustainable way. Whether you are waiting for therapy, tired of medication or want a therapy companion, Resony provides you instant and effective techniques to help you achieve your wellbeing goals.

What can Resony do for you?

  • Manage stressful times and latent anxiety 
  • Build a self-care daily routine
  • Instant relief from stress and anxiety using 5 min. resonant breathing sessions
  • Relax and focus using the power of sound therapy
  • Sleep better using audio-based progressive muscle relaxation

What are some of the benefits of using Resony?

Using the techniques for 10 minutes daily can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Reduces negative stress
  • Helps you to sleep better
  • Improve your regulation of emotions
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, anger, fear and low mood
  • Improve concentration, memory and cognitive processing under pressure

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