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skin cancer/moles

kittie43, 15th Feb 2018
Hello, Please can you tell me what you have to look out for if you're concerned about a mole that you have on your body? For ins...
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home remedies for moles

weatherm, 15th Feb 2018
I have quite a few moles that are OK but I would like to get rid of them... what can I use? I have read that rubbing banana ski...
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thick waxy marks that peel

suew, 15th Feb 2018
I have lived in Aus in my 20's when sun protection was not used. Now in my 60's I have a number of small circular dry patches a...
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xxxxxxxx, 15th Feb 2018
I would be interested in how to recognise when moles change. Thanks
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Skin cancer awareness

Brenda67, 15th Feb 2018
I have quite dark/tanned Celtic skin but do have a large number of moles. I have had my GP look at any that I think may not be O...
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