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Melanoma Insitu

kattdan72, 21st Feb 2019
Hi, had a mole removed in November last year which was a melanoma Insitu and then extra skin removed this year to be sure all ce...
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New moles

comperoh, 21st Feb 2019
Should I be worried when be new moles appear? Also, one accidentally was Lasered during hair removal and turned write. Should I...
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Moles, various, 21st Feb 2019
I've many moles around my body but I'm finding it difficult to find a Dr who will take my concerns, seriously, as they can only ...
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Painful moles

Jenny135, 21st Feb 2019
Hi, the last few months i noticed that some of my moles became painful when touched. I have a lot more moles now than a year bef...
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Hairy mole

Rozcunliffe, 20th Feb 2019
Hello I have had a mole under each year ever since I can remember. They are both so light in colour that you can hardly see the...
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