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Do you have a question about acne?

Lisa BSF, 16th May 2017
From 12-15th June log on here ... f_acne.php to ask British Skin Foundation dermatologi...
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Do you have a question on skin cancer or sun safety?

Lisa BSF, 10th May 2017
Do you have a question on skin cancer or sun safety? Log onto our online clinic until 11th May here and ask your questions to B...
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Do you have vitiligo & want to share your story on TV?

Lisa BSF, 2nd May 2017
If you have vitiligo and you'd like to share your story on breakfast TV to raise awareness of the condition, please get in touch...
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Ever had a reaction from fake make-up?

Lisa BSF, 26th Apr 2017
If you've ever had a reaction to fake branded make-up we'd love to hear from you for something we are working on with the BBC. P...
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'Scars' Under Eyes? Treatment?

doublemm, 18th Apr 2017
Hello all, I’m seeking advice on the below; what you’d describe this as, possible treatment etc. I’ve had this for as...
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