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Ever suffered with severe itching?

Lisa BSF, 15th Mar 2018
Ever suffered with severe itching and it turned out it was due to an underlying cause? We'd love to hear from you for a news art...
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Shingles vaccine

Lisa BSF, 13th Mar 2018
Did you know a vaccine to prevent #shingles, a common, painful skin disease is available on the NHS to certain people in their 7...
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10 month old sun damage

valkyrie_blue, 1st Mar 2018
Last may I got very badly burned. My skin on my back was so itchy it would wake me up at night. It did that for around six month...
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Cheeks are red

alexkenworth, 23rd Feb 2018
Hi there, I've noticed my cheeks have been a little red lately. I don't feel particuarly unwell. I'm quite self concious enough...
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University student skin disease research - psychological

Lisa BSF, 23rd Feb 2018
Can you help this Liverpool John Moore's University student with her research? She says... 'If you are interested in participa...
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