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'Scars' Under Eyes? Treatment?

doublemm, 18th Apr 2017
Hello all, I’m seeking advice on the below; what you’d describe this as, possible treatment etc. I’ve had this for as...
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emzzf1988, 17th Apr 2017
Hi, wasn't sure where to post! Interested to hear from other vitiligo sufferers. When did your vitiligo appear? How severe is it...
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Unknown skin condition

betty240508, 17th Apr 2017
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone on the forum had seen anything like the photo before. My three year old boy developed at the...
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Does Clindamycin really work?

grabgab31, 17th Apr 2017
Does Clindamycin really work on acne? can you use it with tretinoin and other vitamins like vitamin A,C,D,E?
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12 yr old girl struggling with all over eczema

jenjenjen, 11th Apr 2017
Hi all ... my daughter is having a dreadful time emotionally with eczema. She has had it for 2 years now and it occasionally su...
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