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eczema just won't go

lef99999, 12th Nov 2017
Hi, I am 24 and have dealt with eczema since I was very young. I have rather bad allergies that unfortunately I only found out a...
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Sheffield NHS launch new dermatology service

Lisa BSF, 31st Oct 2017
Sheffield NHS launch new dermatology service. It will offer one to one appointments and a five week course to dermatology patien...
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Looking for patients who use/have used retinoids

Lisa BSF, 30th Oct 2017
The Medicines and Healthcare product regulatory Agency (MHRA) is holding a meeting to gather the views and experiences of patien...
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Have you had an issue with a cosmetic treatment?

MattSkin, 25th Oct 2017
The British Association of Dermatologists is is looking for people who have had a negative outcome from a non-surgical cosmetic ...
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University of London skin research

Lisa BSF, 18th Oct 2017
Looking for participants to share views on the ‘acceptability’ of healthcare treatments for long-term conditions. More info...
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