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Exfoliative Cheilitis

Carey135, 6th Sep 2019
Hi, It's taken 8 months for me to get a diagnosis of Exfolliative Cheilitis, after a first biopsy showed actinic cheilitis which...
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Tiny sore white bumps corner of mouth

dan21075, 19th Aug 2019
Please can anyone help? I've had tiny sore white bumps at the corner of my mouth for 8 months. The condition also produces wrink...
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Skin Rash

huntard1993, 14th Aug 2019
Hey I have had these marks n my leg for about a month now, I have a few on my back also. They started of red but now are a sligh...
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Itchy red patch on palm, please help!

jess5678, 7th Aug 2019
Hello! I have been having this patch on my left palm for the last year that doesn't go away. I never use to have this at all. I ...
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skin dry and like lizzard skin, on ankle

Hunny1954, 2nd Aug 2019
I have had a problem with my skin on my ankle, it started out with just a 50 pence size red patch on my ankle about 5 years ago....
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