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UK water affecting skin badly

SimonG82, 12th Aug 2018
Hi, I am a UK citizen living abroad in Germany and whenever I head back home to visit (NW England) I develop a bad rash that aff...
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abnormal reason for dry skin

lacemaker, 10th Aug 2018
I do not have the usual reasons for dry skin. mine is due to having short bowel syndrome and a genereal dehydration level. I hav...
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Developing rash 2 weeks after insect bite

Robin_one, 26th Jul 2018
Was camping in the North part of Germany for a week when I discovered I had been bitten by an unknown insect, 2 days later it tu...
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Got a question about acne or spots? Ask our experts!

Lisa BSF, 17th Jul 2018
HELLO! We currently have a clinic on acne and spots until Thursday 19th July. Log on here to ask dermatologists your questio...
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Pin sized holes palms

matt_1992, 15th Jul 2018
Hello, my hands hand been really sweaty lately and upon closer look there are small pin sized holes in the palm creases which ar...
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