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"Mosquito bite"-like bumps on my face

jeanica97, 9th Nov 2018
I dont really have a clear photo to explain my situation however, please picture mosquito bites and picture them on my face. The...
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Eczema on penis - made worse by diprobase

sraskogr, 6th Nov 2018
Hello all, I'm 19 years old and have what I believe is eczema on my penis and scrotum of all places. I've suffered from eczema b...
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Equality and non-discrimination law research

talkhealth, 5th Nov 2018
Equality and non-discrimination law research: seeking adult participants with a visible difference We are researching whether w...
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Contact dermatitis

richard L, 27th Oct 2018
Hi I'm a nurse and have had contact dermatitis for a few years. Just recently is has flared again but although on creams I am in...
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lumps on my face

natashaa, 19th Oct 2018
Please can someone help me! For around 8 years now I’ve had these lumps on my face. I’ve tried so many different treatments ...
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