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Anti-Itch pills?

bethany.cherry, 13th Aug 2017
Hi, I'm a sister without eczema, however my brother suffers from severe eczema. He has scars all over his entire body and he wi...
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Ask a dermatologist your eczema questions this week!

Lisa BSF, 10th Jul 2017
Log on to our 'Ask the Expert' clinic on eczema this week and have your eczema questions answered by one of our three Consultant...
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Did you know that sunburn can blister like this?

Lisa BSF, 29th Jun 2017
Ultramarathon runner suffers from blistering sunburn. "I'm under no illusion of how neglige...
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Dancer with eczema on face

dancer1234, 28th Jun 2017
Hi all, As a dancer I find it especially hard to cope with eczema. I have it on my face badly around the nose area. It's consta...
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Wearing uniform during hot weather.

Pebbles1971, 20th Jun 2017
Hi. I work as a Carer in the community and our uniforms are of quite heavy material. Working today i found myself overheating an...
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