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red areas still there 6weeks treatment is this usual

itchycoo, 12th Mar 2019
after 9/12 diagnosed with nummular eczema had strong cortisone cream 2 weeks medium strength 2weeks a further week of medium cr...
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Undiagnosed Mystery Debilitating Skin Condition Palms/Soles

SteveB44, 5th Mar 2019
Hello All, The skin on the palms of my hands and soles of my feet has deteriorated to the point where I can't walk, hold or pi...
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Recurring rash

stfrancis99, 5th Mar 2019
Hi. I wonder if anyone could help... I guess I've had this recurring rash for over 10 years now. It seems to appear every 12 mo...
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matt100121, 25th Feb 2019
Does anyone here suffer from vitiligo? Are there any cures for it or to stop it spreading? I have noticed a white spot on my nec...
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Hyperpigmentation on Face

ARosser71, 16th Jan 2019
Hi, I have had hyperpigmentation around my eyes and on my brow since my early twenties. My father also had hyperpigmentation aro...
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