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Skin condition at multiple sites

skinboyskinboy, 30th Mar 2020
Hello forum I have developed a number of red, waxy / shiny skin patches - one on each wrist (about 4" or 10cm in length an...
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Eye bump.

Zipster4, 26th Mar 2020
I've had this on my bottom eyelid inside. My dr thought a chalzion and gave me cream but it hasn't gone.
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Help! What is this?

Thinson73, 19th Mar 2020
Hi. Can't seem to get any answers. Extremely itchy and painful.
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Blocked Pores elderly/older skin

talkhealth, 13th Mar 2020
Hi, I would appreciate an answer to the following re. BSF - elderly/older skin: I am in my mid-fourties. I had acne as a teena...
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yeast infection vs dermatitus

Jacksonn, 6th Mar 2020
I'm a 70 y/o male and recently broke out with a rash on lower abdomen and inner thighs. My PC prescribed anti fungal/steriod oi...
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