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Endo/ cancer

Helenq26, 30th Mar 2017
Hi, i suffer badly with endo, i've had 2 laparoscopy's and there is not much else they can do as my bowels are fused to my ovari...
in endometriosis

Cervical smear

Guest Posts, 27th Mar 2017
On behalf of a talkhealth member: I've recently been called for my cervical smear. I have gone through the menopause and when ...
in cervical smears & cervical cancer

Exercise after a hysterectomy - advice please

Guest Posts, 23rd Mar 2017
I had a vaginal hysterectomy a couple of years ago and would like to know if using a cross trainer would be suitable exercise. ...
in hysterectomy

Weight gain

sarah2565, 23rd Mar 2017
I had a hysterectomy 5 months ago, and still have my Ovaries. I am going through the menopause and have Experienced weight gai...
in menopause

mirena coil

JulesSMills, 23rd Mar 2017
Hi everyone. I had a Mirena coil fitted 30th April 2012 - due to my cervix being bent I had to have it inserted under general an...
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