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Coil - excruciating fitting

fredaz123, 17th Mar 2018
Hi I’ve got the Jaydess coil fitted which is great. I’ve never got on with the pill, the patch or depo injections so it was ...
in fertility & pregnancy

Cervical Ectropion

Ali99, 15th Mar 2018
After visiting my GP for a smear test and examination due to a combination of heavy periods, pelvic pain and the urgency to urin...
in cervical smears & cervical cancer

Uterus is tilted and can cause discomfort

dianelanza, 14th Mar 2018
A long while ago I was told that my uterus tilts to the right.This has caused discomfort during sex, depending on the position, ...
in general

Pelvic congestion

Khakitoots, 9th Mar 2018
I am suffering from pelvic congestion and the only option given to me has been hysterectomy. Are there any other treatments avai...
in general

fertility and symptoms of ovarian cancer

Catjemi1, 8th Mar 2018
Hi Could you please provide information about signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. Could you also tel me about perscentage ra...
in fertility & pregnancy