IBS and long term use of Senna

jennywren10, 17th Apr 2019
I have moderate to severe ME/CFS and have IBS related to this. This mostly causes constipation with occasional diarrhoea, with l...
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rosiespr, 15th Apr 2019
My regular bowel cancer screening via the NHS revealed that I have diverticulitis. I regularly get diarrhoea and wonder if ther...
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IBS Symptoms

Amzcard6, 15th Apr 2019
Hi, I am getting really fed up of not being able to eat the meals i enjoy, without feeling very bloated afterwards or having cr...
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Prolapse causing bowel problem?

susanmarywalker, 14th Apr 2019
I have a vaginal prolapse and cystocele, gradually getting worse over the last four years, but only just diagnosed. During this ...
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talkhealth, 12th Apr 2019
Hi, how does IBS differ from SIBO and is there anywhere in the north east where I can get tested for it? Thank you.
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