I believe I have an enlarged prostate

needanand, 15th Nov 2018
I believe that I have an enlarged prostate, although GP and Urologist tests have not confirmed this. This is possibly because I...
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Hard testicle

JudyJJ, 15th Nov 2018
My husband has recently been saying that one of his testicles is completely hard. Being a man he's just brushed it aside but I'...
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mansman, 14th Nov 2018
Having recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer I've been told that I need to have brachytherapy prior to the radiotherapy. ...
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Is prostate cancer genetic?

Guest Posts, 14th Nov 2018
My father-in-law has recently been diagnosed and is being treated for prostate cancer. Does my husband need to worry about this...
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john wickens, 9th Nov 2018
I am 79 yrs of age and my PSA is checked every 3 yrs. Is this adequate ? John Wickens
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