Psychological interventions for psorasis and PsA

Psorasis warrier, 27th Sep 2017
People with long term conditions often feel very isolated, having to live with psoriasis which impacts self esteem and then arth...
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Weeping Face! How to treat?

itchynyc, 27th Sep 2017
Please Help!!! - I'm having a really bad flare up on my face. It's bright red, the skin was raised on my cheeks, and it has brok...
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How do I deal with people staring at my daughter?

Guest Posts, 27th Sep 2017
My daughter has Vitiligo and whilst she is happy and content, I find it difficult when people stare at her or make assumptions a...
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Vitiligo types

Guest Posts, 27th Sep 2017
Is there more than one type of Vitiligo?
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Guest Posts, 25th Sep 2017
It has been suggested stress can make Vitiligo worse. How true is this?
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