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poodle24, 16th May 2019
I have just been diagnosed with lichen sclerosus by my GP and given a very potent steroid cream, dermovate. As before when using...
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Surgery for clitoral hood

Guest Posts, 16th May 2019
I want to know that if you had some sort of surgery to un-fuse the clitoral hood, as it is very painful, would it just fuse agai...
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Lichen sclerosus

Mihaela123, 15th May 2019
Dear Doctor I’ve had a white patch on my vulva for more than 3 years and it’s been spreading quite a lot including the anal...
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worse case scenario

kjmpde1980, 13th May 2019
I've read the info - i understand that this can occur due to autoimmune (thyroiditis) and menopause. So no hope of recovery. I'v...
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Can Lichen Schlerosus strike any age?

MrsMoppy, 13th May 2019
Just that really. I have had intense feminine itching for 2 years (to the point where I think setting my bits on fire would be ...
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