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pollen allergy

allenjame, 25th Apr 2018
Does anyone have an idea about pollen allergy?
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Understanding Histamine Intolerance

Action Against Allergy, 21st Nov 2017
Are you displaying allergy symptoms but unable to pinpoint the cause? You know that you have a problem but your GP is unconvinc...
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Healthy Air At Home – And Travelling

talkhealth, 30th Aug 2017
Maxima Skelton advises on ways to combat pollution. The term ‘air pollution’ is widely used in the news. Many people think ...
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Fromaldehyde Allergy

Genevanicho, 24th Aug 2017
hello everyone I have been diagnosed with formaldehyde allergy and I am discovering that it is used on almost ALL the clothing I...
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Histamine Intolerance - A Beginner's Guide Book

talkhealth, 4th Aug 2017
Histamine intolerance is a difficult and frustrating condition, not least because so few doctors even recognise it exists. But n...
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