lisacaroline7, 14th Apr 2018
I eat a high fibre diet, drink plenty of fluids and eat lots of fruit and veg but yet I still struggle with constipation, I neve...
in constipation & diarrhoea

Gluten or wheat intolerance

EJ2018UK, 14th Apr 2018
How would you know if stomach pain & discomfort is related to IBS or if it is a gluten or wheat intolerance? And what is the...
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Bowel Problems

Guest Posts, 12th Apr 2018
My husband has had bowel problems all his life. He was diagnosed as having a floppy bowel. This of course has caused him problem...
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IBS and Diverticulosis

Guest Posts, 12th Apr 2018
I was diagnosed with IBS 23 years ago. Over past 2 years IBS has been horrendous with chronic bloating & constipation. I h...
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Signs of bowel cancer

crysilva, 12th Apr 2018
Hello!I was just wondering what are the signs of bowel cancer if they are any and is it treated??I just seen now a topic about t...
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