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Help with my hair

Fluffysmummy, 19th Oct 2017
Hi there, I have always had very thin & fine hair, but in the past 10 years, I have noticed it falling out in ever increasi...
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Fine and frizzy hair and hair loss

jivejunkie, 18th Oct 2017
I have very fine hair,very thin on the top, lose a lot of it and no matter what products are on the market, they never seem to l...
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Hair thinning and loss and medication

Catjemi1, 17th Oct 2017
Hi, I take a number of medications and have previously suffered from sever anaemia. I have a number of health problmes too. My...
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Medication and hair loss

QueenCaroline, 17th Oct 2017
I am due to start an immunosuppressant medication that can have hair loss as a side effect. Is there anything I can do to minimi...
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william8, 17th Oct 2017
Does this make you lose your hair?as I have been on it for years and my hair loss is on my right side of my head nd on top .I ha...
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