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Maryemm1, 15th Jun 2017
Is Rosacea a form of Acne? If so, how does it differ from "true" Acne?
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British Skin Foundation - Acne

TilburyZ, 15th Jun 2017
Does your body ever grow out of acne? How are rosacea spots and acne connected?
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Non organic form of Acne

srathore, 15th Jun 2017
Dear BSF, I would really appreciate it if you would kindly answer this question, is there such a condition, that is a form Acne,...
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Peanutshills, 15th Jun 2017
Hi all, could someone please give me some advice on how to deal with the large white smelly spots that keep appearing. They seem...
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Acne and rosacea

Catherine247, 14th Jun 2017
Hi, I have had mild to moderate rosacea affecting my cheeks for a number of years but since coming off the contraceptive pill (...
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