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Amount of moisturiser

catwoman54, 16th Mar 2018
I tend to put loads of moisturiser on my face (and my body) but I wonder if its possible to use too much? I don't have any spec...
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Skin in the older woman

HOLEDIGGER, 16th Mar 2018
I am 73yrs i am still experiencing an oily skin, unsure what to do about it - should i be thankful or try to dry it up?
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Older greasy skin

carolyn27, 15th Mar 2018
I have always had very greasy skin, I have had thin melanoma and I have age spots n fine lines. What skin care routine should I ...
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Lines around eyes

mumathome, 14th Mar 2018
Is there any method to minimise the appearance of fine lines around the eye area.
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Retinol and Menopause

Cloleanne, 14th Mar 2018
There is a lot if talk about how good retinol is brilliant for fighting the signs of anti aging but with the difference in skin ...
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