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Sun cream for acne

Guest Posts, 11th May 2017
From Kelly: I have acne and most sun creams make my skin greasy and more prone to breakouts. Can I just make do with the spf th...
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Do I need to use suncream more often?

gardener, 11th May 2017
I spend a lot of my time outside doing gardening work, as this is my job. I tend to not put suncream on unless it's really sunn...
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non stain but effective suncream

gainsboroughgirl, 11th May 2017
Hi, It sounds like a laundry question but bear with me. In my attempts to care for my kids in the sun, I have used SPF 50 from a...
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Moles and Keratosis Pilaris

Isorenes, 11th May 2017
Hi I have been diagnosed with eczema and I suspect I also have keratosis pilaris plus some itchyosis vulgaris. I started havin...
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annahibby54, 10th May 2017
I have lots of large moles on my back and worry about the sun when on holiday aborad, I can not really see them at all but they ...
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