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Airborne Food Allergy

Elizabeth82, 11th Feb 2018
What foods can potentially become airborne? Could cooking foods like boiling milk, or frying egg trigger an allergic reaction? ...
in food allergy

allergy testing a child

catntl3, 7th Feb 2018
hi is there away to test children for allergys and if so how would/could i do it for my daughter?
in allergy testing

alergy and intolerance testing

Catjemi1, 7th Feb 2018
Hi I 've had patch testing a few years ago via the NHS for contact dermatitis which was extremely helpful. Hiow do I/could I ac...
in allergy testing

Allergy to Quorn

catsholiday, 7th Feb 2018
I have discovered that I am allergic to Quorn . After eating it I am physically sick around two hours later. What is in Quorn an...
in food allergy

Acute urticaria

jagott74, 7th Feb 2018
Hi have been diagnosed with acute spontaneous urticaria Is this a way of saying they can’t determine the cause of my allergi...
in adults & allergy