Do we just sit and wait?

Clarabella, 15th Jun 2018
My 6 year old daughter has been diagnosed with an overactive bladder, we have been told by our urologist she will grow out of it...
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Constipation and day time wetting issues 3yr old

Lottielou, 15th Jun 2018
Im looking for help and suggestions on potty training. My daughter is 3yrs 8m. We have been trying to train her now for around ...
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I think I might have full incontinence

meghanfrench, 14th Jun 2018
Help! I need assistance and can never get into my GP. To start, I have ALWAYS had bladder issues - even as a kid. If I was wo...
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Mesh bladder repairs

dstill1964, 14th Jun 2018
I’m due to have a bladder repair as part of a hysterectomy operation and am apprehensive due to the news on meh problems. Are ...
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painful bladder

redmaggie, 14th Jun 2018
Hello! I have a problem with frequent pain and pressure in the bladder, day time frequency, with no urgency, no incontinence. ...
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