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Online Clinic on Allergies


Lara J C, 11th Feb 2020
Hi, Diagnosed with SIBO and iGA gliadin, and a number of IgG food intolerances. Itching with food has got worse with SIBO - so...
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Perfume allergy

Guest Posts, 11th Feb 2020
I have a perfume allergy/sensitivity, would this become worse as I near the menopause? Is there any medication that will help? W...
in environmental allergies

Multiple Allergies

greenjanet, 9th Feb 2020
I have suffered with multiple allergies and food intolerance for most of my life but not much progress seems to have been made i...
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pin prick 4 tests done by ENT specialist

RUTHIEUK, 7th Feb 2020
Hullo I was recently referred to this specialist on request to my GP. My symptoms include on going catarrh problems sneezing f...
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Cronic Spontaneous Urticaria?

Guest Posts, 5th Feb 2020
Have burning, soreness & redness on sternum, face including eyelids & neck for over 5 months, all very dry including han...
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