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When can I see a specialist?

smallred, 14th Jul 2017
Hi, I am 27 and suffer from eczema since born. It has however gotten worse in the last year. Before, the areas effected would b...
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Perspiring increases atopic eczema

Di Graham, 13th Jul 2017
Had atopic eczema all my life (now 73/recently widowed).Am finding that when I perspire in certain areas ie, wrists,inner arms, ...
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Neck eczema

Pearl1957, 12th Jul 2017
I have been told i have atopic eczema that is libked to hay fever and i get flare ups around the back of my neck ie inflamed ski...
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can flare ups be hormone related

ruthp1970, 12th Jul 2017
My eczema is now pretty manageable - I underwent about a year of steroid treatment and phototherapy and it's like I have new ski...
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JOLINAR, 12th Jul 2017
I have eczema around my hairline and it gets worse in the hot weather. Should I be using a different emollient cream for the sum...
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