Dyshidrotic eczema

DisneyPrincess26, 20th Sep 2017
I suffer with this type of eczema on my fingers. I find washing my hands alot brings them out or rhe worst cluprit I have found ...
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Acne scars and rosacea

Yaincoa07, 18th Sep 2017
Dear All I am a 34 years old woman and I started with acne issues when I was 12 due to a hormonal imbalance (high testosterone)...
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Psoriatic arthritis

Pixel Chick, 18th Sep 2017
How do you know if you've got psoriatic arthritis? I have psoriasis and arthritis so what's the difference to that?
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Can you identify what causes these

pondshop, 15th Sep 2017
Hi Can anyone identify the small white bumps on the back of my hand. They are about 1-3mm in diameter. They change in appearanc...
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Marks caused by the sun

Guest Posts, 13th Sep 2017
On behalf of a member: I have marks on my skin caused by the sun. Can I do anything about them? Thank you,
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