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Itchy nose, no rash!

ItchyGirl, 18th Jan 2018
I often get an intensely itchy face, centred on my nose. It normally comes on in the evening and will keep me awake during the n...
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dry lips

luanda111, 18th Jan 2018
I have dry skin and very dry lips. I use lip balms every day, but my lips are still chapped and painful, especially corners. Eve...
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Acne, 18th Jan 2018
Hi have always suffered from oily dry skin which produces outbreaks of red pustules. I have been on Topical zineret for years b...
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cracked skin

KeepingWell, 18th Jan 2018
I'm suffering from cracks on my fingers and, particularly, thumbs. I used to get cracks on my heels but now prevent these by app...
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Hypothyroid and skin changes

mayarose, 18th Jan 2018
Since I got Hypothyroid, my skin started to change. I developed rosacea with extremely dry and flaky skin and no matter how stro...
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