very painful.

sashacrl, 18th Mar 2019
Every month I get very painful periods. Can be irregular do take the pill . I have fibromyalgia and colitis . Had a ultrasound...
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HelenBinns, 15th Mar 2019
I am so small that I cannot easily use tampons (so never try anymore) and cannot have sex without great pain and tearing of my v...
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Irregular periods and struggling to conceive

Guest Posts, 13th Mar 2019
I stop taking the contraceptive pill 7 months ago to start trying to conceive. I had a vaginal ecography where they found I have...
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Large vagina

Guest Posts, 13th Mar 2019
I’ve had two children, normally had to be cut on no 1 and slight tear on no 2 , bladder and bowel prolapse, both repaired, ful...
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Haemorrhagic Nebothian cyst

Guest Posts, 12th Mar 2019
I have been told I have a Haemorrhagic Nebothian cyst in my cervix measurements 11x 8mm but G.P. says it is not serious I looke...
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