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AR treatment for atopic eczema

sheila_m75, 21st Nov 2018
The Aron Regimen (AR), pioneered by Dr Richard Aron of South Africa, is improving the lives of eczema sufferers around the world...
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Eczema and sleep

Roberta12, 21st Nov 2018
I've had eczema my whole life (21 years) and it has recently flared massively. I take vitamins daily, I drink lots of water, I e...
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Chronic hand eczema

Guest Posts, 21st Nov 2018
I am 67 years old. During childhood I suffered from atopic eczema which resolved during my twenties. This returned on my hands o...
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Children and eczema

prp_1575, 20th Nov 2018
How old do children need to be to get a proper diagnosis of eczema, rather than just dry skin?
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kellycoles31, 19th Nov 2018
My daughter is 3 and she has severe eczema we have tried cetraben and zero base but it doesn't get rid of her itching she is als...
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