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Lichen Planus - Dermovate use

Frances489, 30th Sep 2018
I was diagnosed with vulval Lichen Planus a year ago, after three years of symptoms. The dermatologist discharged me in May as ...
in Other Skin Conditions

Lifelong atopic eczema

Leislei61, 28th Sep 2018
I have had atopic eczema which is all over my body (mostly limbs and trunk) since I was two years old - I will be 57 on Monday. ...
in Eczema & Dry Skin


Anthony_M_01, 25th Sep 2018
About 3 years ago now, I noticed a sudden onset of these tiny red dots on one of my buttocks. It kind of looked like a rash or c...
in Other Skin Conditions

Brown patches appearing on skin

ValBayliss, 23rd Sep 2018
Hi I have lived with vitiligo for over 30 years but over last two years more brown patches have started to appear over my body. ...
in Vitiligo


Tashik12, 21st Sep 2018
I have NF1 and as a result suffer from lumps and bumps on my face and body. I have had different treatments to reduce how they a...
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