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Brown patches appearing on skin

ValBayliss, 23rd Sep 2018
Hi I have lived with vitiligo for over 30 years but over last two years more brown patches have started to appear over my body. ...
in Vitiligo

problem returns as soon as stop treatment

louiserachel, 20th Sep 2018
I have developed itchy and sore patches of eczema around the base of one finger. If I keep using steroid cream (OTC) it graduall...
in Eczema & Dry Skin

Patches of dry skin popping up all over body

shancat23, 20th Sep 2018
Hi, I've suffered from eczema since a young age, getting it mainly on my joints. As I've gotten older, I've tended to have ecze...
in Eczema & Dry Skin

White Hair

The Vitiligo Society, 20th Sep 2018
Hi There, I have the skin condition Vitiligo and have heard of cases where the hair turns white or a streak of hair turns white...
in Vitiligo

IPL and laser treatment form rosacea

katieruth, 19th Sep 2018
I have been trying to find out for some time: is there a certain age you have to be to get laser or ipl treatment or is it speci...
in Other Skin Conditions