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ASK THE EXPERT - BSF and talkhealth teamed up to offer our community the opportunity to put their eczema questions to our panel of dermatology experts. Dr Anton Alexandroff, Dr Adil Sheraz and Dr Emma Wedgeworth joined us to give advice and support for coping with eczema and the treatment options available. The clinic is now closed but you can view the questions and answers here.

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  • Dr Anton Alexandroff

    Consultant Dermatologist, Honorary Senior Lecturer & British...

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  • Dr Adil Sheraz

    Consultant Dermatologist - MBBS, BMEDSCI(HONS), MRCP (UK), MRCP ...

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  • Dr Emma Wedgeworth

    Consultant Dermatologist & BSF spokesperson

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Latest talk on Ask the Expert


AR treatment for atopic eczema

The Aron Regimen (AR), pioneered by Dr Richard Aron of South Africa, is improving the lives of eczema sufferers around the world... sheila_m75, 21st Nov 2018


Eczema and sleep

I've had eczema my whole life (21 years) and it has recently flared massively. I take vitamins daily, I drink lots of water, I e... Roberta12, 21st Nov 2018


Chronic hand eczema

I am 67 years old. During childhood I suffered from atopic eczema which resolved during my twenties. This returned on my hands o... Guest Posts, 21st Nov 2018


Children and eczema

How old do children need to be to get a proper diagnosis of eczema, rather than just dry skin? prp_1575, 20th Nov 2018



My daughter is 3 and she has severe eczema we have tried cetraben and zero base but it doesn't get rid of her itching she is als... kellycoles31, 19th Nov 2018


Potential cause of eczema?

I know that the causes of eczema are not fully understood, but is there a possibility that it could be caused by poor gut health... tinytitan, 19th Nov 2018



Hi - I have both eczema and chronic idiopathic urticaria, currently talking Methotrexate and fexofenadine. I’ve recently start... katieohla, 19th Nov 2018


extra dry itchy

I have extremely itchy eczema. I get hard dry patches, and very dry skin on my elbows and in between my eyes. Are there any food... Hunny1954, 19th Nov 2018


My son ezcema

My Son has atopic Eczema but this has gone far and beyond what it should be. Been dermatologist been discharged twice. Only the ... Nadziieee, 19th Nov 2018


Hydracortisone cream and it's effects

Hi, I have a query about the effects of hydracortisone cream (1%). I have had eczema behind and in my ears on and off since I wa... sbdisco2912, 19th Nov 2018

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