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ASK THE EXPERT - BSF and talkhealth teamed up to offer our community the opportunity to put their eczema questions to our panel of dermatology experts. Dr Adil Sheraz and Dr Anton Alexandroff joined us to give advice on all things related to eczema, treatment options and tips on self-management. The clinic is now closed but you can view the questions and answers here.

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  • Dr Adil Sheraz

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15 year old son, severe eczema since a baby

My son (aged 15) is suffering with constant flare-ups, he's recently finished a short course of oral steroids which seemed to he... Vvanacore, 14th Nov 2019


Eczema upper eyelids and around eyes

Ive suffered eczema all my life and to a certain extent I just have to get on with it. Ive tried most medications/treatment opti... wizzthenewt, 13th Nov 2019



040E69F2-81C2-468C-A3BF-6E87FF62F47B.jpegI used to suffer all over with eczema in my teens and now years on it’s on my hands a... manfy1511, 13th Nov 2019


Topical Steroid Addiction

I’d be interested to know if you have come across the reaction to long term use of topical steroids known as Topical Steroid A... Guest Posts, 13th Nov 2019


Prone to eczema on ears

Hi there, I would like to ask what to ask my doctor for. I am a male aged 52 off work due to various reasons. 1. I am prone t... Guest Posts, 12th Nov 2019



I seem to be suffering fairly regularly from chronic Urticaria. Not something I enjoy and have been subscribed a high antihistam... Guest Posts, 12th Nov 2019


Afro-caribbean skin and eczema

We are of a Caribbean background and our skin tends to be drier if not moisturised. Both my kids (under 4) have eczema my daught... Guest Posts, 12th Nov 2019


eczema on inner elbow

Why do I get eczema on my inner elbow on the place where they take blood and no other area. When stressed it swells and itches t... Guest Posts, 12th Nov 2019


Family history of eczema

All my family have suffered eczema and been given creams to help with that. Recently I have been getting sore areas on my hands ... Guest Posts, 12th Nov 2019


atopic dermatitis and severe sweating

My husband has suffered with eczema since he was a baby but is now told it is atopic dermatitis and he has severe sweating to th... jackieat32, 12th Nov 2019

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