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Sorry seems to be the hardest word


Playgroups are great places for mothers and their children. The mothers get to sit down for an hour or so, chat to other mothers, observe the toddler pecking order, and have a cup of tea and a biscuit. The kids … Continue reading


Outside the box


Thinking outside the box is what my Asperger’s child does – all the time. It’s completely normal for him. What’s difficult is thinking inside the box, thinking like the rest of us ‘normal’ people do. As he gets older, he … Continue reading


My son has Asperger’s


I always thought parenthood would be like the images on Athena posters in the 1980’s (remember them?) – gorgeous men tenderly cradling perfect babies. But those babies didn’t have their own poo in their hairline or dribbles of carefully pureed … Continue reading