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Can a robot really help the elderly?


You may have seen in the news that researchers from Middlesex University and the University of Bedfordshire are using £2m of EU and Japanese funding to develop robots that will be culturally and socially aware, in order to help the … Continue reading


Prevention of Pressure Sores on Elderly Patients Living in Care Homes


Pressure sores are a common and substantial concern for elderly patients living in care homes, with over 700,000 people affected every year. For the NHS, they are the single most costly chronic wound, and most often occur in patients over … Continue reading


2012 Olympic babies live 30 years longer than their 1908 counterparts


2012 Olympic babies live 30 years longer than their 1908 counterparts Now, almost all die after retirement – in 1908 almost all died before Partnership, one of the UK’s leading enhanced annuity specialists, reveals startling data from the last 2 … Continue reading


New code established to safeguard older people’s dignity in care


Britain’s biggest pensioner organisation, the National Pensioners Convention (NPC) has launched a high profile Dignity Code which sets out minimum standards for the dignified treatment of older people, whether in hospital or the community. The Code has been widely supported … Continue reading