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This week in health – 29/06/2018


With so much going on in the world of health it can be difficult to keep up to date with all the latest news and breakthroughs. Luckily, talkhealth’s weekly round-up should help you keep on top of all the latest … Continue reading


The NHS – Still a Great British Asset, or Struggling Under Pressure?


I have always been a great believer in the NHS. I was what I would term an old fashioned family doctor – the patients advocate. Recently my elderly father, who lives alone, became seriously ill and we thought we were … Continue reading


Personalised GP care for everyone


Doctor writing on clipboard

For the first time in a decade, every patient in England will get a named, accountable GP, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced. Under changes to their contract with the NHS, GPs will ensure all 53.9 million people in England … Continue reading


Painting Over The Walls To Hide The Cracks


Shane used a brilliant phrase in his post last month entitled “What If Everything You Thought You Knew Was A Lie?” describing how Doctors tend to paint over the cracks rather than fixing the problem to get to the root of the … Continue reading


Brits Leave Medical Issues Unchecked for a Year before Visiting The GP


Brits grin and bear medical problems for a year before getting checked out by their doctor, it emerged yesterday.   Adults in the UK have confessed that they endure conditions that impact their lives for an average of 12 months … Continue reading


How do I get the most out of my doctor?


This is, in my experience, quite a popular question for journalists to ask which clearly reflects public interest in the answer. Given the time pressure on GPs nowadays, many people feel that they may have less time with their doctor … Continue reading


Can General Practice handle the emotion of terminal illness?


Reading a GP’s Twitterings made me realise that we have very different ideas about what patients should expect from GPs. GPs expect patients to fit into the numbers game (alcohol consumption, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol). Patients expect GPs to treat … Continue reading


Over-60s put off seeing GP


The Department of Health have discovered that people in their 60s are ignoring signs of ill health because they fear being dismissed as hypochondriacs or believe medical problems are a by-product of ageing. It was announced that almost a third … Continue reading


Is it Going a Step Too Far to Score your GP Online?


The NHS has announced that patients are being encouraged to rate their GP surgeries on a new NHS website designed to drive up standards in primary care. At patients will be able to post comments ranging from how they … Continue reading