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The Danger Of Buying DIY Tattoo Kits Online



Hi my name is Maria Patricia and I own a laser clinic where one of the predominant treatments is tattoo removal. Over the years I have noticed alarming numbers of my clients that have had tattoos done when they were … Continue reading


Home Testing: A Revolution in Sexual Health?


When it comes to sexual health, knowledge is power. Many people have HIV and other conditions without knowing it. They might lack any symptoms, so they put off the testing that would enable them to get treatment – and to … Continue reading


Oklahoma dentist responsible for patient-to-patient hep C transmission


Oklahoma dentist responsible for patient-to-patient hep C transmission

Dr W Scott Harrington stands accused of re-using dirty needles leading to the first known outbreak of the hepatitis C virus among dental patients in US history. Government officials have commented that while dental procedures are generally safe the case … Continue reading


A message that’s loud enough to hear from Las Vegas to Wall Street


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A Las Vegas judge ordered the medical insurance group UnitedHealth to pay $500 million in punitive damages after failing to oversee Dr Dipak Desai. Desai was implicated in infecting patients with hepatitis C through bad colonoscopy practices. Read more on the Hepatitis C News website: Photo by Dawn … Continue reading


If I could do it my friend, then surely you can do it too


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Written by Betty Vega For several years I had elevated liver enzymes but I was fine. During one exam, the doctor wanted to run a test that apparently no one has ever done before on me. I wasn’t sure why I needed this new … Continue reading


Generally the risk for transmitting HCV to sex partners is very low”


“Generally the risk for transmitting HCV to sex partners is very low”

There have been conflicting reports regarding the risk hep C transmiaaion through sexual activity. The virus is primarily spread by exposure to infected blood, usually through intravenous drug use. A new study suggests that patients with hep C have little to fear from sex … Continue reading


Talking to friends & family about hepatitis C


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When diagnosed with hep C it might be tempting right now to withdraw from interacting with family and friends. However, research has shown that the support of friends and family is vital – don’t underestimate the value of simply having someone … Continue reading