MedicAlert provides medical ID jewellery for people with hidden medical conditions, allergies or the need to portray information in an emergency such as blood type or advance decisions. Situated on the pulse points, our necklaces, watches and bracelets display the international medical symbol to identify your condition in an emergency. This helps medical professionals get you the right treatment quickly, particularly if you are unable to speak.

Your membership of MedicAlert gives you peace of mind that goes far beyond your bracelet. Your medical conditions will be reviewed by medically trained staff, who will prioritise the text engraved on your jewellery. A detailed medical record is also held in our secure database, which can be accessed 24/7 by emergency responders.

As a leading international charity, you’ll benefit from global awareness of MedicAlert emblems, as well as our education programme with emergency responders. Our emergency phone line is manned 365 days a year, and supports translation in over 100 languages – providing that extra reassurance if you are travelling.

Join MedicAlert today to make sure that your condition is not a limitation. Call us on 01908 951045, or complete your order online at