Sick of night sweats, hot flushes and anxiety? Manage the physical and emotional fall out of menopause with our free 12-week mymenopause support programme.

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If you've got a scar or wound that needs looking after, join our free 12-week mywound support programme to learn how best to clean, dress and manage it back to health. 

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Whether you're newly diagnosed, care for someone or have been living with MS for a while, our 13-week myMS support programme can help you navigate treatment, support and lifestyle. 

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Get ready to soothe dry skin with our 12-week mydryskin support programme - designed to help you work out the best strategy for reducing inflammation and irritation. 

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Improve your mental and physical health with our free 19-week mywellbeing support programme, designed to have you thinking and feeling better in no time. 

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Soothe your child's irritable skin with our free 12-week myeczemachild support programme. It's full of practical information designed for parents of infants and teens. 

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Get a good night's rest at last, with our free 12-week mysleep support programme. Improve your sleep hygiene, learn how to 'power down' and eat to beat insomnia.

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20% of Brits live with IBS - but that doesn't mean it should rule your life. Join our free 12-week myIBS support programme to finally beat the bloat.

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Calm flakey flare-ups by joining our free 12-week mypsoriasis support programme. Our weekly PDFs will take you through everything from triggers to treatments.

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Whether you're living with (fe)male pattern baldness, alopecia or shedding, hair loss can be devastating - but our free, 20-week myhairloss support programme can help.

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Our free 12-week myrosacea support programme is packed with practical advice on how to manage flare-ups and how to deal with the psychological impact of living with a skin condition. 

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mywellbeing for students

Whether you're about to go away to uni, are studying for A Levels or thinking about returning to education, our free mywellbeing for students support programme is the perfect desk buddy!

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Sign up to our free mymentalwellbeing to receive tips on stress management, how to deal with phobias and tips for chatting with your GP about depression.

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Join our free myacne support programme to receive advice and information on managing breakouts, reducing inflammation and preventing cysts.

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Work towards better bladder control with our free mybladder support programme. It's designed to deal with a range of bladder issues, from pregnancy-induced incontinence to prostate problems.

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Maintaining a healthy weight and getting the right nutritional balance can be incredibly hard - but our free mybody support programme can help. With weekly nuggets of actionable advice, let us help you move towards better health.

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Whether you've got osteo, rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis, our free myarthritis support programme can help you work out triggers, treatments and ways forward.

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Good oral hygiene is so important for our general health and well-being. Join our free mydentalcare support programme to learn how to care for your teeth in between your biannual dental trips.

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