"I enjoyed taking part in the mywellbeing support programme. I found it covered a wide range of general health topics. Overall it was very informative and easy to navigate/comprehend. It increased my knowledge of certain health concerns. I would definitely recommend to others." Valerie (Nov 20)

Well-being has become a real watchword in recent years - and that's because so many of us are burnt out, stressed and sedentary. 

In order to enjoy good health, we've got to take a holistic approach. Our minds and bodies are inexorably linked. Even if we live with chronic health conditions, we can live a fulfilling, happy life - starting with acts of self-care such as mindfulness, good sleep hygiene and daily movement.

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Every week, you'll receive one or two PDFs to download containing easy-to-digest, practical information. Everything has been written by talkhealth and medical experts.

Topics we cover include: 

  • Sleep and digital detoxing
  • Exercise
  • Mental and emotional well-being
  • Gut health and nutrition
  • Compassion fatigue and caring for other

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All content provided in the mywellbeing Support Programme has been written by both medical professionals and talkhealth, and has been certified by PIF as a Trusted Information Creator (sources of scientific evidence available on request). The programme does not constitute a replacement for professional medical advice. If you are concerned about any aspects of your health or wish to discuss something you have read within the support programme, you should make an appointment to see your doctor. Always seek medical advice before changing your treatment routine. talkhealth does not endorse any specific products, brands, or treatments.