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The most inclusive, yet exclusive annual online health membership which offers monthly expert webinars, a resident dietitian, TH+ surveys, exclusive vouchers, online exercise classes, Friday coffee mornings, weekly recipes, and specially written talkhealth articles amongst other things.

Sign up today to start your free 30 day TH+ trial (after which you'll be charged £35 for an annual membership - all for less than £3 a month!).  

Overall Rating



I have been a th+ member for several weeks now and am enjoying the extra benefits that I have been getting.  I've taken advantage of a few of the voucher codes but have found being able to listen to the excellent experts in the webinars fascinating.  

Sarah (Jan 21) 4.5/5

I have just converted from a talkhealth member to trial this new feature - and really enjoying the coffee mornings... I have sat in on a couple, one with an expert and thought that really helpful.  It's just so nice to be able to see people and chat, I am generally stuck indoors due to my condition so this really does make a difference to my day.

Sally-Anne (Dec 20) 5.0/5

I think the webinars have been excellent... I have only managed to see one live but have looked back at the recorded ones which makes it much easier.

Jonathan (Dec 20) 5.0/5

For the latest medical developments, product reviews, through to events and special offers and analysis, the Talk Health+ Membership has a lot of value-added benefits. Informative, accessible, and inclusive. It's like having your very own digital Pocket Doctor!

Claire (Nov 20) 5.0/5

As a talkhealth member for over 5 years, I joined the TH+ free monthly trial last week to see what added benefit the yearly subscription would make. It may be just a small fee, but every penny counts so I wanted to test the water before making a commitment. I have never considered meditation before, however the online meditation session was a great taster and really beneficial. I am looking forward to more of these sessions in the weeks to come.

I also joined the expert live webinar on gut health at lunchtime today and I am extremely glad that I did. It was excellent. The webinar session lasted around 30 minutes which was perfect as I was able to join during my lunchbreak (I believe you can catch up on these if you can’t make the live event). I can honestly say that I came away feeling far better informed about my gut and I am most definitely going to be making some changes to my diet as a consequence. The forthcoming events look just as appealing and a welcome change to my daily routine of Netflix.

The new offers are also very attractive and the articles are great. Once my free trial has ended, I will definitely continue with TH+ which I consider great value for money in view of all of the extra’s included.  

Milly (Nov 20) 5.0/5

When I first signed up to Talkhealth I was slightly overwhelmed by everything that is in offer and it took me a while to work out what was relevant to me and what i wanted to see.  That is the only thing I can think of for me not giving it a full 5 stars marking - as the information on here is comprehensive and most importantly I can tell its information that I feel I can actually trust - which makes a nice change.  

Jane (Nov 20) 4.0/5

I’m new to talkhealth - and can't believe I haven't heard about it before as it seems such a great resource.  I have just started the free trial on offer and decided to sign up for everything!  So far so good... I have just watched a live webinar and watched a pre-recorded one both were great.  I am actually quite amazed at the wide range of offerings... I have a chronic condition which isn’t actually covered by talkhealth (well i can't see it!) but so much of the information is still very relevant to me - including of course the menopause support programme!  

Steph (Nov 20) 4.0/5

I started my TH+ trial a couple of days ago having been a talkhealth member for a couple of years. I’ve always loved getting involved with their trials and surveys & freebies.

At first, I wasn’t quite sure how much I’d use the new TH+ features however having had a good look around at the new features I’m surprised how much I’ve now signed up to! I’m particularly interested in the weekly coffee mornings and expert webinars due to the range of topics and the expert line ups.

Really pleased I upgraded and definitely think it’s very reasonably priced for 12 months given how many new features I now have access to. 

Love TH+ and can’t wait to see what else talkhealth has lined up over the next couple of months. 

Becky (Nov 20) 4.0/5