talkhealth membership

The most inclusive, yet exclusive online health membership which offers weekly expert webinars, Friday coffee mornings and specially written talkhealth articles amongst other things.

Overall Rating


It is an excellent platform to get genuine and reliable information regarding health issues!

Maya (Jun 22) 5.0/5

There are great offers and surveys and even if you don’t win anything there are often discount codes for the products related to surveys. The courses for specific conditions are informative and interesting with easy to understand terms and advice

Tegan (Jun 22) 4.0/5

Great range of health areas covered, will good information

Denise (Apr 22) 4.0/5

I have only discovered this today so it is early days but so far i like it

Natalie (Apr 22) 4.0/5

Talkhealth is a great feature to be a member of You can read about problems Ask personal questions which you can find difficult with someone face to face It gives you lots of different ideas on health issues and you can win wonderful prizes

Christine (Apr 22) 5.0/5

great exellent thank you

Barbara (Apr 22) 5.0/5

i have learnt a lot and received a lot of help in being part of the talkhealth membership which has benefited my mental and physical health and will be forever grateful for it. its a place for anyone to be a part of and benefit from no matter what the problem is you have but don't necessarily have to have a problem as its useful and interesting to know certain facts about different help topics which you can also use to help others one way or another.

Forida (Apr 22) 4.0/5

I find it very easy to read & understand information.

Heather (Apr 22) 4.0/5

I find the survey trials to be of great help. I recently completed testing products for incontinence and was very pleased with the results. Enjoy reading various articles and finding useful information. I always look forward to your emails!

Lyn (Apr 22) 5.0/5

Talkhealth is really interesting and helpful. The events, clinics and forums give other peoples’ questions on interesting medical conditions, and I can ask anything without embarrassment.

Susan (Apr 22) 5.0/5

well researched, very helpful

Susanne (Apr 22) 5.0/5

I love everything on talk health, amazing giveaways, samples, surveys

Michelle (Apr 22) 5.0/5

There is an ease with everything offered, from newsletters, the monthly Coffee Morning and the webinars. The trials and clinics serve many members, and I've recommended Talkhealth to friends, especially when a health issue they have is featured. There's a friendliness along with the professional presentations. Also, a true opportunity to learn about health issues others have, which I don't. A great way to gain more health knwoledge. One of the best groups I've joined, and for the longest time!

Diana (Apr 22) 4.0/5

I have been a member of TalkHealth for a number of years. I find it is a fount of helpful information, and runs some very good programmes and on-line features. They have a good selection of giveaways that you can apply for, covering many different conditions. It is easy to find information about a condition on the website.

Well worth being a member, whether you think you need it or not. It is written in very user-friendly language

Janet (Apr 22) 4.0/5

I usually pick out the topics that are relevant to me or my family find it very informative and a wide range of topics covered

Connie (Apr 22) 4.0/5