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The most inclusive, yet exclusive online health membership which offers weekly expert interviews, surveys and trials, online clinics with leading health experts and specially written talkhealth articles amongst many other things. We love to hear what you have to say!

Overall Rating


An excellent resource/community for those who take an interest in their health providing support, studies, surveys and articles that are genuinely useful day-to-day.

Tim (Nov 23) 5.0/5


Ranjit (Nov 23) 5.0/5

Good site for testing out new products


Extensive opportunities and information

Hannah (Nov 23) 5.0/5

i have been a member for a few years and find it to be very interesting and worthwhile

Marlyn (Nov 23) 5.0/5

This site is very helpful for many types of illness or help with mental health, some of the topics are relevant to you and some are not but handy to read things all the same.

Christopher (Nov 23) 5.0/5

Very easy to register and information you need

Emma (Nov 23) 5.0/5

Really like using talk health just because it has lots of information and easy to use.

Debra (Nov 23) 5.0/5

This website is absolutely amazing

Ben (Nov 23) 5.0/5

I find TalkHealth a one stop place for advice and information for a wide variety of health topics, pretty much everything health related is covered and I feel much more in control of my health with the advice and support from this site. Plus the giveaways are an added bonus!

Sarah (Nov 23) 5.0/5

Reliable, Relevant and Really helpful, Talk Health has become so important to me looking after my whole health and provides great opportunities to keep involved and feel an important part of the community it has built up.

Rachel (Nov 23) 5.0/5

Very interesting, with lots of advice on many different topics.

Susan (Nov 23) 5.0/5

Talkhealth has an amazing range of different health subjects which the information contained is very helpful and up to date.

Rachel (Nov 23) 5.0/5

Great giveaways and trials. Up to date medical advice, always interesting reads. I love my talkhealth membership. Five Stars from me.

Colette (Nov 23) 5.0/5

It's good to read about issue's that affect yourself, and know that you are not alone. Plus I enjoy the surveys and entering competitions.

Mandy (Nov 23) 5.0/5