myMS support programme

myMS support programme

The myMS support programme is designed to help you navigate every part of life, whether that's getting your MS team together, having a conversation at work about your changing needs, or looking at the role diet can play in fatigue management.

Some of the topics the programme covers include:

-  Mental health and emotional wellbeing
-  Pain and fatigue management
-  MS and employment 

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Overall Rating



This was a very understandable and well thought out topic for people with MS and their carers. Every topic was interesting and well thought out with loads of tips and tricks to use along the way. I would highly recommend people to access it.

Simon (Oct 20) 5.0/5

I found the information very helpful, and well laid out, in stages. MS is a strange disease in that if you had 300 people, many of them might share a/or several symptom/s with 10% of the other 270, but it would not be the same symptom, everyone's' group of symptoms will be different, and having this support programme is a good starting point, for discussion with your MS nurse, your GP. It gives you the tools to get through the system of a disease which is both confusing, frightening, and just plain 'exasperating' [polite term] I think for those newly diagnosed it will be very helpful, and for those of us whose 'diagnosis' came in the late 70's, with a final clinical diagnosis in the mid 80's, it still provides a framework acting as a reference, because this disease will still throw a spanner in your works, long after you had thought it had finished messing about with your life.

Sue (Oct 20) 4.0/5