UK Trend

Who we are

UK TREND has been established to support, facilitate and further develop internationally-leading, translational research in skin biology and skin disease across the UK for the direct benefit of patient care.

What is translational research?

We define translational research to be the direct application of basic and applied research to patient care. This may encompass diagnostics, biomarkers, disease mechanism and the development of new therapies that then impact on clinical practise.

Our key aims:

  • Develop - A UK strategy for translational research in dermatology and skin biology
  • Promote - The profile of dermatology and skin biology research both nationally and internationally
  • Support - Training and mentoring to equip the next genertaion of non-clinical and clinical scientists in dermatological research
  • Engage - With inducstry, stakeholdrs and funding agencies and work with the UK dermatology clinical trials network (UK DCTN) and the NIHR Comprehensive Clinical Research Network (CCRN)

Membership & Support

For more information and to join UK TREND please visit